Friday, 30 June 2017

Six signed copies of the Barclay & MacDonald paperback up for grabs!

My new paperback Barclay & MacDonald is available now on Amazon and through select retailers worldwide. It contains the first two novels, ‘When She Was Bad’ and ‘Bad For Good’, plus an exclusive interview with me and an extract from ‘Bad Timing’, the third book in the series. Not bad for the ridiculously low price of £10.99. Go on, it’ll look great on your bookshelf, you know it will…
If you’d like a chance to win one of six signed copies I’m giving away, all you have to do is post a review of the second book, ‘Bad For Good’, onto or and I’ll draw six lucky winners from the reviews that appear before July 31st.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

What's next for Barclay & MacDonald

I’m being asked by a few readers when they can  expect the next Barclay & MacDonald book. The  good news is there’s a paperback collection of the first two novels out any day now, which has both books in full plus a couple of exclusives: an interview with me about writing Bad For Good and the prologue for Bad Timing, which is the working title for the third book in the series. It will be available to buy from Amazon and the better US bookshops once I sign off the final proofs next week.
The main reason for the collection is to make the print version more affordable - the cost of the paperbacks is as low as Amazon permit but combining the two in a single volume and slightly reducing the type size means the paperback will be shipping for just £10.99 (buying the two paperbacks separately costs £15.98). (I won’t be publishing the omnibus collection as a Kindle eBook as Amazon are selling both eBooks for £3.89 at the moment, which makes adding another edition a little pointless.) 
Jen’s done great covers on all the books but I think this one is the best yet. Tina Pugh took a fab moody photo of the Greenwich foot tunnel for us and it adds a really atmospheric look to the book.
As to the publication of the next in the series I don’t have any firm dates yet as I’m still at the ideas stage. I start a new course with Random House this week which I’m using to pull together ideas I have for a non-Barclay novel,  provisionally called The Ghost’s Story, which I may write before Claire’s tale continues. That’s my plan anyway.
Thanks for your support and please keep the Amazon reviews of Bad For Good coming.

Stay Bad…


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Exciting times

The second Barclay & MacDonald novel, Bad For Good, has now been on sale for a few weeks as both an eBook and paperback and sales have been good: the fiftieth copy shipped this morning from Amazon, which is a milestone When She Was Bad took several months to reach.
(Both of my books are now available through Kindle Unlimited service, too.)
Obviously it takes a while for people to read a book but the first few reviews on Amazon are hugely encouraging ( and I've already picked up a couple of five star reviews on GoodReads. If you've read it and enjoyed it, please take a second to rate it or, if you have several seconds, review it.
From May 25th the eBook of When She Was Bad will be a free download across the Spring Bank Holiday (thanks to Amazon for funding that) and the paperback is now shipping to a number of the better bookshops in the US, too.
In June I will start my first marketing campaign which will promote both books and then in July I'm publishing a paperback-only omnibus of the first two novels, with some new material including an exclusive author Q&A.

Paperback of BAD FOR GOOD out now

The paperback edition of my second novel Bad For Good is now available on Amazon. £7.99 on and $10.99 is the US from and many of the finer bookshops.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

New Barclay & MacDonald novel out May 9th 2017

Available today on Kindle around the world - the second Barclay & MacDonald novel, BAD FOR GOOD. Enjoy!

(Paperback version will follow later this month)

Friday, 5 May 2017

Bad For Good out this month

There's a headline I was starting to think I'd never get around to writing...
Yep, it's pretty much all done and the follow up to When She Was Bad will be published before the end of May. That's a few weeks later than I'd originally planned, but then I never put "break leg" on my original writing schedule last autumn. Sorry for the slight delay.
Jen's finishing off a fabulous cover and I've just got to finalise the copy for the back of the paperback. Currently it reads:
It had been fun. It had been dangerous. But it was no longer fun and it had become far too dangerous. Claire MacDonald’s life as a getaway driver for the enigmatic Barclay and his mountainous bodyguard Thug Number Two was spiralling seriously out of control, and someone was watching their every move...
No-one was safe 
Welcome back to fun and games with  Barclay & MacDonald, an even more perilous world than Claire had ever imagined possible
The latest draft of the novel came back from editor Karen Myers with very few changes and I've now finished the sixth and final version of the book.
It will be out for Kindle in May with the paperback edition a week or so later. There'll be an omnibus of my first two novels in July/August (paperback only) which will tie in with the start of the marketing campaign.

Friday, 24 March 2017

March update; back in The Shed

The third draft of my follow up to When She Was Bad was finished mid-February. I was pleased with it and thought it was pretty good, but would others agree? Did the story really make sense? Had I managed to recreate the world of Barclay & MacDonald? Were the twists and turns of the plot convincing? Did TNT’s back story surprise like I wanted it to? It was time to let a few other people read it.
First off, I needed to give it to someone who was a voracious reader, had liked the first book and would be happy to spend hours with a not-quite-finished version and provide constructive feedback. First Readers are critical to a writer and I could think of no-one better than my friend Tina Pugh. Tina is a voracious reader who loves a thrilling page turner and had enjoyed my first book. With great enthusiasm Tina consumed Bad For Good in a couple of days...and she said she loved it! I was well chuffed and somewhat relieved - it’s a nerve-wracking time when you share your new effort with a reader for the first time.
Tina’s verdict was hugely encouraging so I now knew that book two’s more complex plot worked and I’d successfully returned to the world of Barclay and MacDonald, which was great news. It was time to get an editor’s input to help fine tune the telling of the story and make it a more polished, final product, so I asked another friend, Karen Myers (formerly of Time Inc.), if she could spare the time to edit the latest draft. Karen is a busy woman but somehow she found a few days to do an invaluable, skilful edit of draft three, accommodating Tina’s feedback, correcting my grammar and narrative errors and suggesting ways to improve the storytelling. She even noticed one of Claire’s escape routes through Hammersmith wasn’t quite right, so I need to fix that. And she said she loved it, too.
Greatly heartened by my friends’ feedback, I’m back in the Shed starting what will be the final draft before proofreading and formatting for publication. I had originally planned to have my second novel published early in May but after those delays due to my broken leg that will slip a few weeks. I’m not going to rush it out, but it won’t be long now and hopefully will prove well worth the wait.
Thanks again for your support.